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Heating is warming a space for human comfort. Use this tag for questions on space heating and central heating. For questions about heat for preparing food use the [cooking] tag. For heating water use the [water-heating] tag.

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Measuring Home Heat Loss

I am interested in testing/measuring my house to see how leaky it is and how bad the insulation is. If my house is poorly sealed and insulated then I will know how to improve it and I can retest it ...
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Which type of portable heaters are best suited to use in a static caravan?

I am looking for 2 portable heaters to use in a static caravan. One to go in the children's bedroom (safe to leave on at night), the other to go in the living room. Which types of heaters would be ...
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Is there any efficient and small-scale compost heat recovery(CHR) system?

I want to develop a system mainly based on compost heat recovery technology. Much research has already been in the past years and some good DIY designs established for farms to warm greenhouses. But ...
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Controlling underfloor electrical heating

What is the most cost effective form of controlling the electricity use whilst still having toastie warm feet on the tile floors? We currently have underfloor electrical heating on room air ...
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