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Questions tagged [heating]

Heating is warming a space for human comfort. Use this tag for questions on space heating and central heating. For questions about heat for preparing food use the [cooking] tag. For heating water use the [water-heating] tag.

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71 votes
10 answers

What is an energy efficient way to get fresh air indoors during winter?

Letting some fresh air inside is always a good idea, but during the winter it seems a bit wasteful to fling open the window and let the fresh air in at the expense of all that hot air going out, and ...
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What is the most sustainable heating strategy for a home?

I am looking for a new place to live and I know the winters will be very cold (-20 C). Coming from a warm climate country, I want to learn what to look for in a heating system. From the bit I ...
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2 answers

Potential health risks with keeping temperature in a house low?

In this question on an alternative way of heating a comment was made that There are significant potential health risks with lowering a house to 16 degrees C What kind of potential health risks ...
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Which type of portable electric heater is better?

When one is buying a portable electric heater, there are at least three different types available: Radiative halogen heaters Fan heaters Oil-filled radiators and similar Images of examples of each ...
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Planting trees for firewood - how many?

I'd like to heat my house using self-grown firewood. How do I go about calculating the number of trees I'd need to plant each year to make it sustainable - same number of trees harvested each year as ...
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Should I use my wood fireplace?

I live in a relatively modern (built 1983) home, which has a fireplace in the living room. How should I decide if I should use the fireplace for heat, or strictly use use the natural-gas central ...
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4 answers

Leaving the oven door open for heat - bad idea?

I've heard before that it's a bad idea to use an oven to heat your house, because it's inefficient and carries the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. But what about leaving the oven door open after I'...
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16 votes
5 answers

Is it practical to use an infrared space heater along with a heat pump system?

We live in a house that has a heat pump system, for AC and heat, with a second-stage heating coil for aux/emergency heat. It frequently gets down to below 30 degrees in our climate, at which point ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Use waste heat of electrical appliances in place of traditional heating?

Does it make sense to keep electrical appliances turned on, or at least not turned off, during the winter as a partial replacement for traditional heating? I'm thinking in particular of computers, ...
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2 answers

Are ground source heat pumps a form of geothermal energy?

This question may be about semantics as much as sustainability, but let's see... When I think of geothermal energy, I think of hot rocks (or hot aquifers) that are kept warm by the internal volcanic ...
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1 answer

Setting radiator temperature to save energy

The heating system at our home is set to auto. I guess this means that our boiler will automatically operate as to maintain the temperature of the home. How much should we set the temperature of the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Sustainability of wood pellet sources for biomass boiler

We're considering a biomass boiler for our guesthouse (1820 vintage with corresponding energy issues). The opportunity to reduce gas usage and the economics of the RHI scheme in the UK (a sort-of ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to use sand for heat insulation at walls?

This question is most probably meaningful when there is a lot of area to build a single house. The main purpose is to keep the heat inside in winters, where it rarely drops below -5 degrees Celsius. ...
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Rocket Mass Heater Build

I'm getting ready to build my first rocket mass heater. I have access to free quartz stone and granite. Could I use this type of material to build my "J Tube" instead of fire brick? Not really sure if ...
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Can furnace condensate water be used for houseplants?

I recently had my old, broken furnace replaced with a high-efficiency condensing furnace. One function of this furnace is that it extracts enough heat from the exhaust gases to condense them into ...
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Is there any efficient and small-scale compost heat recovery(CHR) system?

I want to develop a system mainly based on compost heat recovery technology. Much research has already been in the past years and some good DIY designs established for farms to warm greenhouses. But ...
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