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grid-based gravity assist power generaiton

I was discussing with a friend about renewable resources in which you can generate and store power for a long time. In this one way which I know is hydropower where when you have huge requirement of ...
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How much electricity does 1,000 liters of water per meter of height fallen generate in various hydro generator arrangements?

How would one go about calculating the amount of electricity (kilowatt hour) produced from a quantity of, say, 1,000 liters of water per hour falling from a 20 meter fall through a hydro electric ...
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Could multiple ram pumps be used to fill a watertower for a pico hydroelectric system?

Since a watertower stores potential energy just like a reservoir does for a hydroelectric dam, could I use that to power a pico (<5kW) hydroelectric system for my homestead? Now, I have read that ...
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Are fuel cell electricity generators a sustainable way of making electricity?

Since 75% of the universe is hydrogen, would it be sustainable to use fuel cell electricity generators? Fossil fuel generators won't last forever, because there is not an endless supply of fossil ...
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Is electricity used at night more likely to be renewable?

Discussing charging my electric car with a colleague recently I argued that since (in Ireland) our renewable energy sources are mainly wind and hydro, since I charge my car at night the mixture of ...
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A hydropower based power-generating fitness system and some questions

I'm currently researching and experimenting a system concept about hydropower-based fintness. I recorded my initial experiment footage and you can watch the video on Youtube. Befor talking about this ...
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Is hydrogen a good way of storing energy from excess hydroelectric generation? [closed]

Referring to hydro electricity generation, a lot of what we produce is wasted as the buyer buys only the minimum generation. What would be the appropriate measure to use that excess energy? Is ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How can I build an ecologically conscious dam on a small brook?

I have a brook at the bottom of my property; currently a culvert empties into a small pool that then flows further downhill to the brook. I'm interested in adding a few more feet of depth to the pool ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to convert rain drops to energy?

Would it be possible to convert water drops into energy using a dynamo? A heating mechanism could then be used to transform the water back to a vapor to start the cycle again.
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3 answers

What's the average efficiency of pumped hydroelectric energy storage facilities?

Pumped hydroelectric storage has, to date, been the most scalable way to store electricity (in this case, in the form of gravitational potential energy), allowing us to spread the time between when ...
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