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Can I use this "hydro" inverter with solar panels SMA hyroboy HB 1124 Im assuming the inverter does not know where the DC current is coming from as long as it is below the maximum current, or am I missing something ...
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Why is hydrogen no longer considered a colossal fire hazard?

I thought after the Hindenburg catastrophe large-scale hydrogen-powered vehicles are no longer considered something safe and worthy of investment. However, it's gaining a lot of traction lately: cars, ...
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Are hydrogen powered appliances feasible today?

There's a lot of talk about hydrogen. But is there any kind of genuine marketplace for "normal" household appliances to run on hydrogen instead of natural gas: I mean Range/oven Water ...
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Why do most car manufacturers prefer electric batteries over hydrogen fuel cells?

Is this due to cost, or infrastructure, or path dependency, or incentives? I understand that batteries are more efficient (1) - but this does not take into account the quantity of rare materials ...
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Is Hygenic Earth Energy feasible?

This company: Is trying to inject oxygen into old oil wells for it to combust and extract only hydrogen using steam reforming and a filter. Making steam reforming happen ...
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