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growing plants in a nutrient solution instead of in soil. For questions about hydroponics in combination with keeping fish, use the [aquaponics] tag instead.

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Can Hydroponic products be termed as organic food?

Hydroponics using NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) is heavily dependent on inorganic nutrients. However, modern marketing jargons term the food produced as organic and business model as sustainable. ...
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What is the problem in my aquaponics system?

I have an aquaponics system with 20 Koi fish and different plants which works by the Siphon method , and the fish water is about 22-26°c, which is usually less for plants of 2°c degrees. The water is ...
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What's required for hydroponic farming in a container?

I have a container of size L 1.8 m × W 1.86 × H 1.73. I am planning to turn this into a hydroponic container for growing cooking greens (salad etc.). The thing that concerns me is the stuff I probably ...