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Questions tagged [insulation]

For questions about thermal insulation used to reduce the rate of heat transfer. Can be used for buildings, people (e.g. clothing) or other applications where it is desirable to maintain a higher or lower temperature than the surroundings.

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21 votes
8 answers

What is the most sustainable house insulation suitable for a cold climate?

This is a "derived" question from What is the most sustainable heating strategy for a home? . When talking about a home that has to withstand cold winters (-20 C), insulation is a big part of keeping ...
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2 answers

How can I get my landlord to install better insulation?

We live in an apartment that has a lot of gaps in the doors and windows and poor insulation in the walls. Is there a way to make the landlord fix this? Some sort of property codes or something? He ...
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How do the criteria for 'best' building insulation change depending on context?

Following on from the question Sheep wool as insulation? , where I started my answer with: Is it one of the best natural insulators? Well, that would depend on your definition of best. and the OP ...
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Sheep wool as insulation?

Where I am living, there are a lot of sheep, hence enough wool to go around for everybody. I saw a show at some point stating that sheep wool is one of the best natural insulates for homes. Is this ...
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6 votes
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Insulating against unwanted conductive heat

I live on the ground floor of a block of flats (apartments) in London, UK. Below me (basement / -1 level) is the block’s communal boiler providing hot water for the taps and hot water for the ...
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What needs to be done to reuse newspapers for insulation?

I seen a couple of shows that were pointing newspaper as a very good insulator, that attracted my interest so I was wondering if any of you have any input on this?
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Is it possible to use sand for heat insulation at walls?

This question is most probably meaningful when there is a lot of area to build a single house. The main purpose is to keep the heat inside in winters, where it rarely drops below -5 degrees Celsius. ...
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