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for questions about the sustainability and impact of day-to-day living activities.

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Should we use paper, plastic, or reusable bags. If reusable, which kind?

I found this site looking for one specifically geared to picking products based on sustainability. I'm not sure if such a specifically-focused site would actually be more effective than this one. The ...
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How to correctly get rid of human poop?

I want to live alone in a floor above where I'm currently living cause I don't stand my family, only inconvenience, there is nothing not even tiles, I don't mind the discomfort but, how can I get rid ...
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Is working from home a more sustainable choice?

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns in multiple countries, there have been reports of marked decreases in day-to-day pollution hanging over cities, such as this report on ...
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Sustainable Alternative to Aluminium Foil?

As someone who uses a ton of aluminium foil (almost daily) for use in my oven as a protective/convenient layer, (and who didn't know that foil was bad for recycling...) what can I use as an ...
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How can I support the recycling, but not the new production of aluminum?

While the initial production of aluminum is a waste-intensive, energy-intensive process that has negative environmental and social impact through deforestation and contamination of waterways, aluminum ...
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Is there standard methodology for assessing how environmentally friendly a particular lifestyle is?

The headline says it all, I'm looking for a standard way of assessing a lifestyle against environmental criteria. I'm thinking of some sort of lifestyle questionnaire that will produce a score from 0 ...
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3 answers

What will life be like in 2050? [closed]

I've seen a lot of stuff saying researchers predict we'll run low on fossil fuels in 2050 and that pollution will be a big problem then. Does this mean that life will suck then? What would things be ...
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Do people who work in sustainable offices make sustainable choices at home?

I have heard that employees who work in organizations or buildings with a focus on sustainability are more likely to make more sustainable choices in their personal lives and homes. For instance, if ...
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Being a sustainable Digital Nomad in a Van - First Steps

I am considering the purchase of a retrofitted Ford Transit with a Diesel motor to have a more flexible option for travel and accomodation. Since I aspire to reduce my footprint (and increase my ...
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For the exactly same income, does a person pollutes more when living in a big city or in a small town? [duplicate]

I had a recent argument with a coworker (we are both engineers) that the amount of pollution (trash+water+air) generated by a person increases with the person's income (we both agreed on that) but my ...
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For the exactly same income, does a person pollute more when living in a big city or in a small town?

I had a recent argument with a coworker (we are both engineers) that the amount of pollution generated by a person increases with the person's income (we both agreed on that)... but my coworker ...
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How can I make my family understand my CO2-emissions-related hesitation to fly in order to spend time with them?

I live in another country, approximately 2000 miles away from my family. Now, my parents have really hard time understanding the kind of personal sacrifices which are necessary to keep the world a ...
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Do happy people live more sustainably?

I am wondering if there is any evidence that happy people (i.e. generally satisfied with their life condition) live more sustainable (i.e. have a lower environmental footprint) than unhappy people.
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What harmful products are used in shampoo, conditioner and body wash that I should avoid?

I have been told by a friend that some ingredients in hair and body wash can harm aquatic life. I live in the UK and I'm not sure how our water processing works, but I can see that the amount of these ...
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How to fight back bad companies/governments and *really* do something? In other words, how to change the world in better? [closed]

I was wondering what could I do to fight back "bad" companies and practices, for instance seed industries the produce MGOs, companies that starve their employees, companies that pollute the ...
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What life-style decision can I make to reduce my carbon footprint most efficiently?

I'm interested in the sustainability, especially the carbon footprint, of life-style decisions regarding: transportation (i.e. get an electric car, use bike and public transport) dietary: going ...
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How effective is an ecovilage/intentional community member selection process?

Ecovillages and other intentional communities sometimes have a member application or selection process where (for example) prospective members answer set questions on a form, are interviewed by a ...
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3 answers

What is the role of social websites (such as Facebook) in Sustainable Living?

We spend lots of resources and time on social networking websites from all over the world. How we justify social networking sites are brings people, society together? Are there net gain or net loss?
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Independent retirement vs moving in with the kids

Living in Indonesia at the moment and under long-term discussions regarding whether to move back to the US. One issue is retirement and one aspect of that is sustainability. In Indonesia, multi-...