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How can I find artisanal bakeries in Madrid? [closed]

For me, artisanal refers to local production with traditional methods that, due to its local focus and valorisation of time taken for production, are less resource intensive than industrial mass ...
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3 answers

Are there types of solar panels that can be made completely locally and independent of fossil fuels?

I want to know if there are any kinds of solar panels that can be produced completely locally, from gathering materials to manufacturing to installing, without fossil fuel inputs anywhere in the ...
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11 votes
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Research conducted into local / regional currencies

Have any research studies been published looking into localised alternative currencies, as to what their effects on the local market have been? For instance, do they really drive down food-miles, and ...
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How can glass be recycled/reused locally in rural communities?

I live in a "remote" part of the USA, where it is prohibitively expensive to ship glass elsewhere for recycling. Because of the small population (the nearest city over 10k people is 110 miles away), ...
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What are the challenges in mixing food production with living spaces?

Some of the other questions have discussed the differences between localization and sustainability, for example, What is the Relationship between Localising the Economy and Sustainability? A lot of ...
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What is the Relationship between Localising the Economy and Sustainability?

Following up on EnergyNumbers' questions: What is the relationship between localizing the economy and sustainability? Does pushing for local food markets, local production of goods for use, local ...
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