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Can the production of herbal supplements (pills) be sustainable?

I have heard testimonies of people with various health conditions in which the ingestion of certain botanical supplements improved their health. Then I see the plastic bottle the supplements came in, ...
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Rule of thumb for estimating the carbon footprint of a manufactured good

I am looking for a simple "methodology" to roughly estimate the carbon footprint associated with buying a new e.g. toaster. More precisely, I would like to have clues to deal with such a situation: ...
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Which type of BBQ grill has less of an environmental footprint, charcoal or propane or what?

Of course buying used vs. new makes a big difference, but in any case, if one is set on purchasing a BBQ grill, is there less environmental impact in the production & use of a charcoal vs. a ...
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Is there any way to recycle air-pollution into fertilizer?

Vehicles and Factories produce air-pollution like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Plants use Fertilizer with those same compounds (NO2 & SO2) So, is there any method to capture ...
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How can alum stone be melted and molded into small shapes?

We are a small NGO in Nepal working to help people after the recent earthquakes of 2015 and now the floods of this year's monsoon of 2017. There is a stone here that is used as an astringent/after ...
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Do totally Chlorine free (TCF) toilet papers exist?

Many online resources suggest that processed Chlorine free (PCF) and TCF toilet papers are more environmentally friendly than elemental Chlorine free (ECF) toilet papers. Although I can find a lot of ...
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What are the carbon emissions from the manufacture of the hybrid components of a Prius?

For simplicity, I will assume that the manufacture of a Prius is essentially the same process as that of a non-hybrid ICE, plus the extra environmental impact required for the hybrid components (...
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Are kill switches used for planned obsolescence?

I was wondering about planned obsolescence in the hardware of electronic products like TVs and smartphones. Is this achieved through low quality parts that simply break over time or do manufacturers ...
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How efficient are tiny cars compared to others?

I may be purchasing a new vehicle soon (still doing the whole cost-reward calculations). When looking for a new vehicle fuel efficiency was important to me, both for savings considering how much I ...
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cost of energy for old crt vs new flatscreen

My parents recently moved and are going through throwing out and replacing a lot of their furniture. They have 3 large old fashioned crt televisions that are quite heavy, and I'm considering ...
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Pros and cons of bamboo clothing compared to cotton?

I've read that clothes made from bamboo fibers require about 1/3 the amount of water compared to cotton. Also bamboo grows much faster than cotton and it requires little or no herbicides or fertilizer....
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Is there an "energy returned on materials invested" index for energy sources?

We already try to measure how much energy is invested (EROEI) in the production of energy, but I have a hard time finding numbers on the materials invested. For example: What is the total energy a ...
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What chemicals are used to replace BPA in plastics?

And is there any reason to think that the replacement is any better than Bisphenol A (BPA) itself?
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Are luxury goods more sustainable than supermarket brands?

The power of brands in consumer culture has been much criticized, for encouraging needless consumption and masking the environmental and social costs of production. But luxury branded goods surely ...
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How to avoid buying planned-obsolescence products?

Is it possible to recognize products that have been designed and manufactured with built-in or programmed obsolescence in mind, before I buy them? Are there guidelines how to recognize such products? ...
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Is bamboo fabric safe? What about its manufacture?

In New Zealand, "bamboo" fabric is marketed as being environmentally friendly because it uses bamboo as a raw material. However, my understanding is that the end product is a completely different ...
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How to filter/dewater water mixed with water-based paint

PROBLEM I would like to find the best way to filter 2 cubic meters of water which is full of water-based paint. This water is used in a closed-loop circuit in a Spray booth. The water does not need ...
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Sustainability of LED production?

Not all LEDs are the same. Standard LEDs use various combinations of indium, gallium, arsenic, silicon, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and a couple other elements. Most of these need to be mined from the ...
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Where can I find a comprehensive list of products that can be produced without mining?

According to this article: Every megaliter of seawater contains about 1300 kg of magnesium, 900 kg of sulfur, 400 kg each of potassium and calcium, and smaller amounts of virtually every metal ...
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How can consumers persuade manufacturers to make their products more sustainable?

How can we, as consumers, persuade manufacturers to make their products more sustainable? The only things I've come up with (and try to do myself) Buy the most sustainable version of products. The ...
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