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In what unexpected ways could human hairs be recycled or upcycled? [duplicate]

Currently, hairdressers around the world throw away tonnes of human hairs after they have given someone a new hairstyle. I know people sometimes donate their hair, which can be used to create wigs. ...
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What's the environmental impact of industrial sources of store-bought bagged soil? Is it a 'net positive' in terms of building soil & storing carbon?

To help grow lots of trees and ecologically friendly gardens, I've bought lots of bags of soil over time. There are better, more local sources of soil/mulch/compost, but nevertheless I go the route of ...
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Wood vs. plastic vs. metal furniture and other items, is the wood product generally most environmentally friendly?

Consider a bed or a chair, one made of wood, another of plastic, another of metal. All else being kept similar between the materials to the extent feasible, is the wood product generally the most ...
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Is Bamboo Plywood More Sustainable than ("traditional") Birch Plywood?

Greetings Sustainable Livers! 🌱 I am on a quest to discover which is the most sustainable sheet material for making furniture. Found this article on Bamboo Plywood: "Is Bamboo Plywood an Eco-...
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How sustainable is the use of materials such as slate, clam shells and wood for go stones and boards?

I should like to buy some attractive go equipment and am wondering which choices are ethically acceptable, whereby I imagine that sustainability of ecosystems is more or less the only significant ...
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How to test whether a teabag has polyester fibres or not, without waiting for it to compost?

Some teabags are made (or partially made) of polyester fibres, and stay intact in compost after everything else has broken down. Is there a quick way to test whether a teabag contains polyester, as ...
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What kind of material would be most ideal to enclose grains/legumes to smash?

Here's some background on my question, before I actually ask it (my question is in bold below): I'm wanting to have a very sustainable method of turning grains, legumes and pseudocereals into flours (...
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What's the best use for pig fat (lard)?

We have two Tamworth pigs coming back from the butcher tomorrow with a decent amount of fat (don't know how many pounds yet). What are the best and/or most economical uses of pig fat or lard? I'm not ...
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What is current best practice for setting up recycling?

I'm interested in public policy as regards recycling. I recently read an interesting Atlantic article on single-stream recycling, which noted that single-stream certainly makes it as easy as possible ...
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How renewable is diatomaceous earth? (How much is left on earth?)

I've read a lot about diatomaceous earth being useful for organic gardening, animal raising, pest control, intestinal parasite treatment, etc. However I am somewhat conflicted about the material ...
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How to paint ceramic pots in a sustainable way?

Many years ago I was taking some classes about traditional pottery where a lot of attention was given to contact with the earth and sustainability. I remember a few times they told us about ...
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What type of photovoltaic cells are the most environmentally friendly?

Some solar panels use silicon crystals that required careful purification and enormous quantities of energy. Some types use cadmium, which is highly toxic. Several types are noted by Wikipedia. If we ...
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