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Extraction of rock or mineral resources from the ground, either by open cut or underground methods.

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How exactly do the impacts of lithium mining compare to oil extraction over a vehicle's lifetime?

There's been a lot of discussion about the impacts of lithium mining vs oil extraction (here for example). I'd like to quantify this. How do the impacts of mining lithium for one electric vehicle (EV) ...
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Is Lithium mining any better for the environment than fossil fuel extraction?

A friend of mine is adamant that the extraction of lithium for batteries (and the creation of battery cells themselves) is a very environmentally-damaging procedure, potentially even more-so than oil (...
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If the concentration of minerals in oceans was reduced through extraction, would they be replenished quickly?

If large scale mineral extraction from seawater was performed, how quickly could we expect the minerals to be naturally replenished? For each particular mineral, the answer to this may be dependent ...
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Where can I find a comprehensive list of products that can be produced without mining?

According to this article: Every megaliter of seawater contains about 1300 kg of magnesium, 900 kg of sulfur, 400 kg each of potassium and calcium, and smaller amounts of virtually every metal ...
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