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generation of electric power using nuclear fuels and reactors of all kinds

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Can the society label the development of the recyclable nuclear synthesis processes as sustainable and green?

The green technologies require a lot of rare earth and precious chemical elements which are composed of the heavy nuclei that (beyond iron) are quite rare on our planet and our Solar system. All those ...
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Is there definitive, authoritative scientific/academic consensus about the sustainability and greenness of nuclear energy?

I am reading that this (2022) year the EU will have to decide on the labeling of nuclear energy - is it sustainable and/...
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Why aren't all nuclear plants running at their full installed power to decrease emissions?

Looking at the electricity map I can see that many countries operating nuclear power plants are not running them at their full installed power, e.g.: Sweden: 5.54 GW of 9.10 GW capacity France: 38.00 ...
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How many square kilometres of offshore wind farms would be required to replace the closing of a 4GW nuclear power station

A large nuclear power plant has a capacity of 4GW and a capacity factor of about 90%. How much installed capacity of wind turbines with a capacity factor of 40% would be required to match that output?...
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What has been the greenhouse gas impact of shutting down Japanese nuclear power plants post-Fukushima?

Japan shut down virtually all nuclear power plants after the March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant accident. What has been the greenhouse gas impact of this decision? Have people ...
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