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Protecting food (and other sensitive products) from spoiling, by slowing down or stopping decay; through freezing, salting, curing or other methods.

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Sustainable way to protect books

I gone through many ideas to protect books so that they last for a long time. Ideas I have applied: I tried phenile tablet in storage I used to add preservative oil to wooden storage as to not get ...
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How to minimise waste when making preserves safely and cheaply?

When reusing preserving jars, the most commonly available metal lids (with a rubber or soft plastic seal) are really just meant for a single use. I did find some reusable plastic lids (BPA and ...
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How to preserve meat during warm months without electricity?

It's so easy to preserve food with a fridge. But if you don't have electricity, because of some big disaster or resource depletion, how would you handle preserving meat? In winter it is relatively ...
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