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Which printer font can I use to reduce ink consumption without impacting readability?

Apparently Arial isn't a very efficient font, when it comes to ink consumption. This article claims Times New Roman is 27% more efficient. Another article claims Garamond was the most efficient font ...
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Why the eco-friendly soy ink is not abundent on the market?

From time to time I see on different papers "Printed with eco-friendly ink," so I assume that it is the soy-based ink. I have read a bit about it, and the opinions about soy-ink being eco-friendly are ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Environmental impact of toner versus ink cartridges?

I'm trying to decide what type of printer to buy. I've read a number of posts on the web where people claim that laser printers are more durable than ink-jet printers. Some people say this is because ...
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printer cartridge recycling

What should I do with my Samsung ML-1640? I see on the internet that toners may be incompatible with printers and Samsung "protects" us from bad quality by expiring their cartridges electronically (...
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Is there a sustainable binding agent for 3D printing with wood pulp?

Recently someone developed some filament for 3d printers that contains about 40% wood pulp and 60% plastic. Could it be possible to print with wood pulp without the plastic mixed in? (Either without ...
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