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Software engineering to aid the environment? [duplicate]

As a software engineer and advocate for sustainability I'd love to take my discipline and make a positive impact e.g. monitoring sun levels and raising blinds to tune the interior temperature etc. ...
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What's the most environmentally friendly micro USB charging cable...if any?

USB cables seem to be a small but relentless part of throw-away culture. Inevitably, cables stop working well and/or get lost, and a new one is needed. Are there any USB cables produced with minimal ...
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What's the best way of getting an eco-friendly off-grid house?

My partner and I have been considering what the different options are for buying properties in the UK. We are interested in at least 1 acre of land, plus a house of 50-70 square meters minimum. We ...
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What is a good examples of a sustainable writing ball-point pen?

What are the design principles of a sustainable writing ball-point pen? Is there any academic work or industry standards on sustainability of writing ball-point pens?
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Can we design an everlasting toothbrush?

Lately, I have been thinking about the wasteful use of toothbrushes. I assume that most people replace their toothbrushes every 4-6 weeks. This, of courses, generates a lot of plastic waste. I guess ...
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How do I find an eco-friendly laptop?

I am looking to replace my laptop. Being in a conscious path of my own, I want to choose a laptop which is a product of good and sustainable procedures. I am saying good because most popular brands ...
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How can I build an effective rotary composter?

I have a fenced in back yard and I am thinking about building a rotary composter. What is a good and proven design? (I would like it to be big enough for a 4 person house)
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Solar cooker design

I now live in a place with lots of sunlight (and lots of rain) and would like to use a solar cooker. I have seen a number of designs for solar cookers (Wikipedia has a list), but I am wondering about ...
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