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Paying a regular stipend to live in a property that is not one's own.

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2 answers

Minimizing home heating costs with high ceilings

I live in an old rental house with 12 foot ceilings and zero ceiling fans. I am trying to conserve as much energy as possible as heating costs are expensive. I have placed plastic on all of my windows ...
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Can window films be fully removed from a window?

I live in the Pacific Northwest which has seen some serious heat waves this summer, so now I'm looking for more ways to keep cool. Aside from air-conditioning, I'm interested in passive techniques to ...
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How can I figure out what's using so much electricity in my home?

I recently moved into a new home with 2 other housemates and our combined bill for electricity is far higher than I expected. We're using just over 40 kWh per day, on average. When I lived alone, my ...
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Energy saving "bonus" for apartment renters

I live in an apartment building with three units, but only one gas meter, one electric meter, and one water meter. As a result, there is no inherent incentive to save water and energy, and no fair way ...
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What are effective ways to make a home significantly more sustainable when renting?

People might not be able to buy their own home, or might even decide to rent their whole life for good reasons (it sometimes makes sense in an economical way; other people might not be able to stay at ...
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How can I get my landlord to improve my apartments heating efficiency? [duplicate]

I am renting a unit in an older building that has a lot of gaps in the doors and windows and poor insulation in the walls. Is there a way to make the landlord fix this? Some sort of property codes or ...
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12 votes
3 answers

Options to suggest to landlord for cost savings via renewable energy?

I have a landlord who is very interested in saving money. I wanted to suggest options to her to help her save money while reducing environmental footsteps. However she is not motivated to save the ...
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