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Is it possible to make a device, to stop dropouts, when switching between alternate sources?

I have two 220V AC power sources and a contactor that switches to another if one is unavailable. But it takes few microseconds to switch and there is a moment when both power sources are disconnected ...
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Dogs to protect housing against bears

Considering self-sustainable living in a bear country (like the wilderness of Canada) can the dogs be used to protect animals and fruit trees against bears? I'm reluctant to the invasive methods like ...
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3 answers

Grid tied inverters that work during power outages

Is it possible to have a grid tied solar installation operate when power is out without a battery bank? All of the grid tied inverters I have found kick offline during power outages. This is a fine ...
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When/where is it feasible to use a solar cooker to boil water?

Can a parabolic reflector-type solar cooker of reliably boil water? If so, what major factors determine how much/how intense sunlight is required to do this how much water can be boiled how long the ...
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Environmentally friendly alternative to salt for de-icing walkways?

Salt has been the go-to for de-icing walkways and roads here in the northeastern U.S. It is terrible for vegetation and is substantially corrosive on other surfaces. I'm looking for a good residential ...
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What to do with expired food?

When I last visited my grandmother I found a couple of expired cans of peaches. Given that they should have been consumed three years ago I don't think it's safe to eat them. I was thinking about ...
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How safe is it to manufacture and use silicone?

Silicone seems to be used in more and more products over time. At home, I have a silicone oven mitt, silicone bakeware, (partly) silicone tongs, and a silicone bowl-scraper. It seems like a very ...
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6 answers

Aerogel as home insulation?

I see that has begun to offer various insulating blankets, though it seems targeted for industrial use rather than consumer use. Does this aerogel look like a suitable technology ...
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How safe it is to produce, use, and dispose of PVC?

Environmental benefits of PVC are touted on what appears to be an industry funded website but there is also some serious criticism of PVC claiming that the manufacture produces dioxin and that ...
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How to ripen fruit fast without harmful chemicals?

I want to know that how I can ripen fruit as fast as possible. Fruit sellers are using chemicals to do that which is harmful. I would like to know if there are any safe chemicals or other techniques ...
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Leaving the oven door open for heat - bad idea?

I've heard before that it's a bad idea to use an oven to heat your house, because it's inefficient and carries the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. But what about leaving the oven door open after I'...
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How to pick furniture and carpeting that is safe for a home with low ventilation?

To improve energy efficiency, many homes are now made to reduce and control the amount of fresh air that is circulated from outside. However, I'm told that many cushions used in couches and materials ...
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