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How do I create a cheap solar still?

I am trying to create a cheap and easy way to distill water. I learned through some research and talking with people that making a solar still is the best way. I really would like a cheap solution to ...
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Do we have a way to limit rising sea levels in a warmer global climate?

So, let's be honest the global climate is warmer and is going to be even much warmer no matter what. This causes glaciers to melt and more water to move to the oceans, and rising sea levels. This also ...
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Reference request - Overview over established solar thermal desalination technologies

I'm looking for an overview of established solar thermal desalination technologies. The wiki page is remarkably poor on sources. "Established" means there is a large scale plant (>50 m³/d) or many ...
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Why can't solar stills convert sea water into fresh water?

If I replaced the foliage in this diagram with a gallon of sea water - would the resulting "fresh water" be pure enough for agriculture? For human consumption? Is the process really that ...
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6 votes
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Is it possible to carry out large-scale seaweed cultivation for biomass / biofuel production?

Various forms of biomass, biofuel and biogas production are already in operation: wood waste, ethanol from sugar cane, primary wood (willow, poplar, pine), miscanthus, anaerobic digestion of organic ...
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How to use sea water in daily life?

Here in my place there is a shortage of river water during these days because of lack of rain. People are demanding to use sea water where we can so please suggest the ways in which we can use sea ...
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If the concentration of minerals in oceans was reduced through extraction, would they be replenished quickly?

If large scale mineral extraction from seawater was performed, how quickly could we expect the minerals to be naturally replenished? For each particular mineral, the answer to this may be dependent ...
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8 votes
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Where can I find a comprehensive list of products that can be produced without mining?

According to this article: Every megaliter of seawater contains about 1300 kg of magnesium, 900 kg of sulfur, 400 kg each of potassium and calcium, and smaller amounts of virtually every metal ...
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