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Why is adding thermal mass good for heatwaves, given the importance of cooling off at night?

Thermal mass is the amount of thermal energy needed to raise a building one degree. Sometimes it's desirable: earthships have very thick walls with a lot of material, while phase-change materials ...
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Can window films be fully removed from a window?

I live in the Pacific Northwest which has seen some serious heat waves this summer, so now I'm looking for more ways to keep cool. Aside from air-conditioning, I'm interested in passive techniques to ...
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Doesn't it make more sense to wrap hot sandwiches with the foil facing in?

You know those hot sandwiches sold in grocery stores (northeast USA at least...) that are wrapped in a foil paper? Wouldn't it thermally make more sense to have the shiny foil facing in? To keep the ...
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What is the most efficient disposition of windows to prevent thermal loss and improve lighting?

Glazing is expensive and causes thermal loss. With those two considerations in mind, what configuration of windows is the most efficient in terms of reducing the area used by windows and maximizing a ...
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Can an internal greenhouse improve the thermal resistance of a glass panel wall?

I've noticed that most thermally efficient constructions limit the use of windows due to glass' low R-value. According to this, one is forced to choose between well-lit spaces or thermally efficient ...
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Is the winter time loss of heat from north facing windows and doors ever outweighed by the gain in circulation in summer?

Is there a point (USDA Agricultural zone) at which the heat loss in the winter time through north facing windows is out weighed by the gain in the circulation of cool air during the summer time. At ...
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27 votes
4 answers

Is there a difference in insulation to keep heat in or out?

I know that one of the best ways to save energy at home is insulation. The question is, is there a different method for keeping the heat in when it's cold and keeping the heat out when it's warm? I ...
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What is an easy way to cool off during the summer without electricity?

What are some easy ways to stay cool during the day without using electricity?
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