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Questions tagged [transport]

moving people or freight from one place to another. This includes use of cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, watercraft, as well as non-fuel-intensive transportation. For questions specifically about cars use that tag.

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Why has road freight got less efficent in recent years?

The UK government publishes energy use statistics, and this includes energy efficiency of various sectors. Most sectors have managed to increase efficiency over the last 3 decades, for example road ...
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US: Does canned pineapple produce more CO2 per calorie than fresh?

I've seen a few papers (like this and this) which suggest that fresh pineapple is less CO2-intense (also way less fresh water-intense) than canned pineapple in a few different contexts. However, these ...
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What is the most climate friendly way to travel from Copenhagen to Atlanta?

I will soon be going to Atlanta, GA, USA from Copenhagen, DK, and I would like know which of the following opportunities you think is the most climate-friendly way to travel: Flying from CPH to ...
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How do hybrid planes work?

How do hybrid planes work? Where does electricity come from? Faradair is planning to develop and sell a hybrid-electric passenger plane, aimed at the regional aviation market. It would have up to 19 ...
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What hydrocarbons are produced by a diesel motor?

HC (I assume hydrocarbons) is a column in the euro emission standards for trucks & buses. Which hydrocarbons are produced and at what quantities? Would the particulate matter emissions be ...
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