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United Kingdom, a country in the North-Western part of Europe. Use this tag for questions that are specific for UK and not applicable to other countries.

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Why has road freight got less efficent in recent years?

The UK government publishes energy use statistics, and this includes energy efficiency of various sectors. Most sectors have managed to increase efficiency over the last 3 decades, for example road ...
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Who can you bank with for environmental sustainability?

Yesterday the theme of the Extinction Rebellion protests was HMRC and Barclays over funding of fossil fuel industries. While their focus is on the government contracts, moving individual accounts ...
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Can mealworms form part of a healthy diet in the UK?

Mealworms for birds are a cheap form of nutrition. Could they be processed at home in a way to make them healthy? Dried mealworms are sold as bird food for just under £8/Kg in the UK or $3/Kg from ...
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How effective is a Smoke Control Area at reducing particulates? (UK)

Smoke Control Areas are in place in 195 out of 434 local authorities. 53 of those cover the entire local authority. Smoke Control Areas make it illegal to burn coal and other smokey fuels and ...
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Electric cars and grid power capacity

The UK has a target to be carbon-neutral by 2050: As we can see in the image large cuts across all type of CO2 emissions are required. This article by the BBC suggests a number of ways in which ...
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Is it better to put something potentially unrecyclable in the recycling bin or to put something recyclable in the waste bin?

This may sound like a weird question, but the other night I was about to throw away a plastic package which didn't have any recycling information on it, and I hesitated before throwing it in the waste ...
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Alternatives to bottled water in the UK

I live in Devon, and tap water in my household does not taste consistently. When I moved in my current property, the neighbours warned me that they had been buying bottled water since 20 years, ...
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Living in a horse lorry [closed]

What are some of the main reasons horse lorries are so cheap to buy? (they just seem very cheap and it instantly makes me suspicious) Such lorries can be converted into a housetruck and be lived in, ...
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Can The UK Be Powered Practically By 100% Renewables?

Taking into consideration the landmass of the whole of the United Kingdom, areas of open country where windfarms could be placed, areas of country designated as wildlife havens and also areas of ...
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Solar PV panels - Worth the cost of more efficient panels?

We're investigating fitting solar PV to our large guesthouse in the UK. We can fit around a dozen panels on the south-facing roof (sadly this is one of the smaller roofs). Some installers are ...
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Sustainability of wood pellet sources for biomass boiler

We're considering a biomass boiler for our guesthouse (1820 vintage with corresponding energy issues). The opportunity to reduce gas usage and the economics of the RHI scheme in the UK (a sort-of ...
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How effective are rotary composters

We now have a large house (a guesthouse) with capacity for generating a lot of compostable waste. At our previous house we used a number of static compost bins, turning between them. In the new ...
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Recycling video (VCR) tapes in the UK

Like many I have a large pile of redundant VCR tapes. We're moving house so I'm having to landfill them as the local recycling facilities won't take them. Does anyone know of a recycling (or bulk re-...
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Investing in Solar Panels in the UK

I am based in the UK (in England) and am thinking about installing solar panels on my roof. The problem I am having is actually finding some resources which I can use to get some objective ...
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I'm in England, and want to move to a time-of-use electricity tariff, how do I get an appropriate meter fitted?

I'm in England, and currently on a single-price electricity tariff, that's measured by a (very) old-style electricity meter (mine says "property of Eastern Electricity Board" on it, so it's well over ...
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I'm on mains gas and live in England, am I eligible for the domestic RHI?

The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is about to launch, in different formats, to different constituent countries of the UK. It is an incentive to install particular accredited renewable heat ...
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Would monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels perform best in a UK climate?

If I were to get solar panels installed on the roof of my home, in the UK, what type should I choose? There appear to be three main types, and at present the choice appears to be between the ...
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