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device with wheels used for transporting people and/or goods. For questions specifically about [cars] or about [transport] in general, use those tags.

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Why has road freight got less efficent in recent years?

The UK government publishes energy use statistics, and this includes energy efficiency of various sectors. Most sectors have managed to increase efficiency over the last 3 decades, for example road ...
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Solar panels - series vs parallel and microinverters

Problem: I have six 100 W panels wired in series on the roof of my van. I can only get 180 W maximum out of my entire setup (with a Canadian winter, I'm expecting at least 300 W), and I think the ...
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Which countries, regions, or cities have zero emission vehicle mandates? [duplicate]

Today the governor of the U.S. state of Massachusetts announced that starting in 2035, gasoline-powered vehicles will no longer be sold in the state. From the announcement (emphasis added, and a "...
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How much additional CO2 emissions will result from recent changes to US vehicle regulations?

From the Guardian, March 31, 2020: Trump to roll back Obama-era clean car rules in huge blow to climate fight (emphasis added): The Trump administration is rolling back the US government’s ...
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Are solar powered cars sustainable and are they a good idea for future transportation?

As population rises, fossil fuels will start depleting so are solar powered cars a good idea? How much power can they produce when it is cloudy?
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Are there any unsustainable supply-chain issues unique to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles?

I was recently reading that lithium mining for electric vehicle batteries is wreaking havoc on deserts in Chile. One proposed alternative to EVs in the search for a replacement for petroleum-fueled ...
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Method of transport with decent speed/low cost without a driving license?

I'm looking for something a little bit better than your average bike in terms of transportation potential, but cannot be a license-required vehicle as I cannot get a driver's license. I also don't ...
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Most sustainable vehicle that shelters from rain

I usually travel by bike, and it's a great vehicle and is mostly sustainable. I love travelling by bike when the weather is nice, but what all the pro-bike propaganda never mentions is that one very ...
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Is there any way to recycle air-pollution into fertilizer?

Vehicles and Factories produce air-pollution like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Plants use Fertilizer with those same compounds (NO2 & SO2) So, is there any method to capture ...
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Being a sustainable Digital Nomad in a Van - First Steps

I am considering the purchase of a retrofitted Ford Transit with a Diesel motor to have a more flexible option for travel and accomodation. Since I aspire to reduce my footprint (and increase my ...
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The more miles a car drives, the more economical battery packs become?

I was reading here: Here’s How Electric Cars Will Cause the Next Oil Crisis, that the more miles an EV drives, the more economical battery packs become. I don't understand this assertion. I see ...
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Impact on environment: a million horses vs a million cars

Would commuting on a horse be more eco-friendly? What if there were millions of people did that? Would millions of horses be better than millions of cars?
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Where can I find a detailed technical description of a system to use Biogas as a Vehicle fuel?

It is basically possible to upgrade Biogas to something very close to natural gas, and then use it to replace said gas. Biogas to grid is a mature technology now, with about 100 active plants in ...
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Efficiency of car-sized vehicles running on train tracks

New Zealand doesn't have particularly advanced technology for its railroads, but I have seen pickup trucks that have wheels that can run on railroad tracks as well as a separate set of wheels with ...
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What are the pros and cons of electric motors vs. internal combustion engines?

What are the pros and cons of electric motors, compared to internal combustion engines, from a sustainability perspective? Are electric motors better for the economy, more efficient, or more ...
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What to do with an old vehicle?

I have a 1975 Ford F-350. It gets 6 miles per gallon. I don't use it any more. If it was fuel-efficient, I think I should get it in to someone else's driveway, so it can reduce the demand on new ...
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Older biodiesel vehicle or newer but used hybrid, which is actually more sustainable?

I've heard a lot of back and forth on this issue, but when purchasing our next vehicle which is actually the better way to go? For us, we cannot go fully electric at this point due to drive times, ...
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How do I calculate if it is more sustainable to have my groceries delivered?

I have been wondering recently whether having my groceries delivered is a net ecological benefit or not. It is highly likely that the overall environmental impact of the diesel used to delivery my ...
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Is my car more sustainable with or without an EGR?

I drive a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with a 1.9 liter turbo-diesel engine. I often get well over 50mpg on the high way, and I love the fact that I have such a fuel-efficient car that is also fun to drive. ...
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