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Do whirlybirds rotate from an internal air current?

I understand that whirlybirds are designed to spin with the wind creating a vacuum inside and hence draw out air in a roof space. What I'm curious about is whether an air current from inside a roof ...
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Is it more energy efficient to ventilate a home with an HRV/ERV or “shock-ventilation”?

In a reasonably cold climate like Hamburg, Germany where the standard practice is to open all your windows in the winter for up to 20 minutes once a day to ventilate your home (Stoßlüften or “shock-...
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Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV, metal vs paper core?

Which one is more efficient and has longer operating life, thin metal or nano paper core in a HRV? It will be used in a Nordic country. TL;DR I'm searching for a heat recovery ventilator. I am not ...
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Mechanical damper built in to vent fan?

Are there any bathroom fans or range hood fans that have a mechanical damper built in that fully seals when the fan is turned off? In other words, it shouldn't let any air in OR out when the fan is ...
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How can I vent smoke from a non-rangehood stove without losing too much hot air?

I want to vent smoke, such as roasting coffee smoke and cooking grease out of my kitchen. I do not have a hood, nor is there room to install one due to cabinet and window placements just above the ...
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MVHR no longer the ventilation of choice in some Nordic countries?

We've covered Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) before here, and it's been the ventilation method of choice for Passivhaus buildings for many years. But I heard something interesting ...
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What is an energy efficient way to get fresh air indoors during winter?

Letting some fresh air inside is always a good idea, but during the winter it seems a bit wasteful to fling open the window and let the fresh air in at the expense of all that hot air going out, and ...
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