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Is there a business model to do carpentry without a vehicle?

I'm currently a co-owner of a small renovations contractor in a small city (~50k) in northern Wisconsin. My equipment consists of a 7x14' trailer full of tools, large diesel truck, and minivan. All ...
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I can get cast-iron engine heads from junk yard and my wood stove has flat top so I can safely stack the heads on top of my stove to add thermal mass?

I could build a steel box and fill it with the heads, then put a steel plate on top of that, so I can still use my heat powered fan on it as well?
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3 votes
3 answers

How "green" is using wood as a material?

There are simultaneous calls for not using paper in any form because it causes deforestation, but when it comes to building and making products from wood it is considered environmentally sustainable, ...
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3 votes
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Is there a neutral LCA comparing wood to composite materials?

I have seen competing information about whether it's a more sound environmental choice to choose real wood or composite decking materials. Different conclusions are drawn depending on whether the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Do timber buildings remove carbon from the atmosphere in the long run?

One of the advantages of timber buildings is regularly said to be their ability to effectively remove carbon from the atmosphere, through long term carbon storage. Wouldn't this require the timber ...
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How should I dispose of scrap lumber from renovating?

I recently purchased a home in Wisconsin, USA, and in the process of making repairs and upgrades I find I'm generating a fair amount of scrap lumber each month. I keep whatever I think I'll be able to ...
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