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I can get cast-iron engine heads from junk yard and my wood stove has flat top so I can safely stack the heads on top of my stove to add thermal mass?

I could build a steel box and fill it with the heads, then put a steel plate on top of that, so I can still use my heat powered fan on it as well?
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6 votes
3 answers

Woodburning stoves: what wood and why?

I have been experimenting with a very old (made and installed in the 60s) woodburning stove in my new house in Devon, UK. I have started to learn that hardwood burns for longer than softwood, that ...
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Adding a mantle to a wood stove to add thermal mass

Seeking advice, wondering if there is any advantage to building a concrete (cinder blocks filled) mantle around my wood stove? It would look something like below _____ _____ | ___| |___ | | | ...
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Can kiln-dried wood be stored outside?

Earlier in the year I had a wood burner (stove) installed. I bought a small quantity of kiln-dried wood, to get myself going. Because of the small quantity, I was able to store it indoors (in the ...
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Burning wood efficiently via rocket stove

Is burning wood considered sustainable if the efficiency can be improved up to 90% compared to the 50% of conventional burning stoves?
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How much heat will a Vermont Bun Baker wood stove put off?

My home is 750 Square Feet and also has radiant heating. I'm considering replacing my large, inefficient Garrison wood stove with the Bun Baker, and curious about the potential of using it as an ...
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12 votes
3 answers

What are the key principles for designing a rocket stove?

I have some spare bricks lying around that I'm interested in using to build a rocket stove for cooking. What are the key principles I need to understand to build a rocket stove? Is there a maximum ...
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How can I add thermal mass to a woodstove, without a lot of weight?

It's well-documented that adding thermal mass to a woodstove will improve efficiency. You can burn smaller splits of wood hotter, causing more complete combustion. The additional heat output won't ...
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