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What's a sustainable way to stain and protect wood?

What substances can I find to stain and protect wood that are produced without serious pollution and can be disposed of safely?
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Can wood wool be produced from plywood waste?

For packaging of parcels, is it feasible/ possible to produce wood wool from the waste of plywood products? If not, what alternative packaging uses are there for plywood waste?
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Garden fence - order options by most sustainable

Our new house has a garden, and part of the fence needs to be replaced. Part of what needs replacing is the pole that holds the lock for the garden-door. Last year, we replaced that part of the fence ...
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Worm bin design using stacked wood frames - is it okay to have gaps between frames?

I have used worm bins before that we premade with plastic. They were nested bins such that the bottom of an upper tray was directly touching the scraps piled up in a lower tray. Worked well! Now at a ...
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