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Can I feed Tilapia with Millipedes?

Tilapia will eat those. But unlike pill bugs or BSFL, I don't think they are particularly fond of them. Some of my tilapia (mainly wild-caught Mozambiques) won't eat them at all and those that do (...
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Can vermicompost tea be used with aquaponics?

I don't know if I would mix the tea with the aquaculture, maybe feed the fish worms instead? I think that by adding the nitrogen from the tea, you would just be adding more nitrogen to a system with ...
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What is the problem in my aquaponics system?

To determine if lighting levels are responsible, I suggest you put similar plants (tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans) into self-contained pots (using potting mix) and sit them within the same ...
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Is a sump tank necessary for my proposed aquaponics system?

You are correct in that a separate sump tank is not necessary. In these systems, the tank simply becomes the sump. The water level difference depends on the dimensions of the 3500 gallon tank As long ...
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Convert aquaponics to wicking beds?

No experience at wicking beds, but a couple alternatives: Can you circulate the water through an evaporative cooler? This could be as simple, as a place in the shade with a small pond and a pump ...
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Aquaponic system doesn't grow the plants

I had the same system with the same result as yours; my lettuce seeds germinated but later all the plants wilted. My suggestion, and what I have done in my system, is just let the grow-bed "mature" -...
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