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Reuse beats recycling. The active duty life span of an EV battery (cells and control electronics both) is hugely longer outside of an EV, so reclaiming lithium from them should be a last resort only at the point where no more economical uses for them exist. Thinking of the huge electric vehicle batteries as resources to recycle, once they no longer serve ...


In the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, cobalt is first in importance while lithium is second:


Where I live, there is a mine that was planned to be used for uranium extraction. The uranium concentration is 20 ppm, or in other words 0.002%. Source. An EV battery contains 11.6 kWh per kg of lithium. So, 11.6 kWh = 1 kg of lithium. 11.6 kWh battery however weighs ~50 kg. So, about 2% of the battery is lithium. Now, if uranium can be mined at 0.002% ...

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