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How can I decarbonise my domestic heating, given severe physical constraints?

The glib answer is to use less energy. The best way of doing that is fixing the fabric of the house - massively increasing insulation, massively decreasing air permeability (and as a result fitting ...
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Will this work to prevent my pipes from freezing?

Clarification of terms: Your tap is the downstream end. The City water supply is the upstream end. My understanding of your situation: City Waterline Building shutoff vale Local distribution valve ...
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How much coil do I need to heat a given length of pipe (as a function of x,y,z)?

I've used them. I've never been happy with them. If you do use them you need to follow these rules: If you wrap them you must have the wraps evenly spaced. You can't have 3 turns per foot at one ...
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How can I determine the U-value (or R-value) of my existing double glazing system?

My challenge was slightly different. I was purchasing new NorthStar windows to replace all of the old windows in my house but wanted to make sure I was getting what I paid for, as the windows would ...
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Will this work to prevent my pipes from freezing?

Why not simply install trace htg to the problematic pipe? Of course that's assuming you can access it! Insulation, of itself, does not stop freezing but simply slows down the heat loss.
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