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It appears that some of these thermostats have "compressor delay protection," such as this one:


I think the greatest efficiency improvement can be obtained by cleaning the condenser coils on the bottom and/back . In a home unit the coils,especially on the bottom collect a lot of lint , pet hair , etc. Vacuum them annually or more often. I have also added aluminum window screen to protect the coils from lint. If you use foam ,I think you will find ...


Although it seems logical that a refrigerator would be more efficient since it doesn't have to keep things as cold, there are a few different factors affecting real-world performance. Freezers are simpler to operate. In a freezer there's only a top end on the temperature range. From refrigerator manufacturer LG you can see the range in the refrigerator is ...


One way to increase the efficiency of an upright refrigerator or freezer is to fill up all of the "unused" airspace with something that won't flow out of the unit every time your open the door (as air will) nor facilitate convection heat transfer from the bottom to the top of the compartment even when the door is closed. If you have some plastic ...

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