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How much power can a bicycle generator produce?

BBC1's "Bang Goes the Theory" demonstrated a human-powered home in a TK programme. In this segment, 8.5 kW of power required 70 cyclists, of fairly typical fitness, or about 107W per cyclist. The ...
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Solar charging an e-bike's lithium battery while riding

Before you worry about charging, consider this: It takes about 85W to propel a 75kg cyclist at 20km/h under ideal conditions. Thin film (i.e. flexible) solar panels have an efficiency of ~9% and when ...
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Is the Food Cycler a good option for composting?

Based on the information on the product site, I would say no, the Food Cycler is not a good option for composting. Its method of operation prevents actual composting. Instead, it is primarily a ...
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How much power can a bicycle generator produce?

In 2015 Chris Froome during a Tour of France climb achieved an average of 414 W during a time period of 41 minutes. I don't know how fit you are....
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