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Alternatives to solar panels/shingles?

The obvious alternative would be to get some variety of vertical-axis wind turbine (lower footprint and more bird-safe than the traditional horizontal-axis ones), provided you have good consistency of ...
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Inexpensive way of permanently running a fridge with solar power?

what's the most inexpensive way to constantly power this appliance with solar energy? I think you are mistaken in your strategy. You don't want to power this appliance with solar power. You want to ...
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Alternatives to solar panels/shingles?

A google search for 'balcony solar' will show that it is possible to buy solar panels which can be vertically mounted on the front of a balcony, and which either feed into a battery, or, in some cases,...
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At which points in a pressurized municipal water distribution system are energy-recovering turbines placed as part of "in-pipe energy" generation?

It's an interesting concept. Until now, I didn't know it was being utilized, so I can't state that I know where such in-pipe generators are placed, but I can make some intuitive guesses. To begin with,...
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