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Burning trash in an uncontrolled fire is very polluting, with high levels of carbon monoxide, particulates, and dioxin/furan. These are released at ground level where they are easily breathed in by the person burning it, as well as neighbors. It's illegal virtually everywhere in the U.S. It's far better to put plastics in a landfill or in an industrial-...


There are a couple of errors in your question. Firstly regarding environmental damage in pre-industrial times, in the Middle East they ran out of trees over two thousand years ago and had to import timber. Easter Island had similar problems. Over-use of resources has existed since time immemorial, not just due to industrial revolution. Secondly, regarding ...


Whether serious studies have occurred I do not know, but you surely can answer your question yourself without much effort. For the effect of over-population of an area go visit a beef-stockyard, where the beeves are fattened before slaughter. Cattle practice a completely pre-technological lifestyle. For the effects of technology, consider the currently ...

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