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Whether it's trains or buses they use the same resources Steel, which requires 600 kilograms of coal (Coke) to make one ton of steel. And the incentive to make trains faster......increases energy consumption exponentially. Both technologies require resources but the train assuming steam power and wood for fuel can be fueled environmentally with a ...


According to a report by the US Climate Change Program "virtually all the glaciers in the mid-latitudes are in a state of negative mass balance and are retreating" (2008). By how much each year and specifically in the last 40 years, is presented in the following study as being −5.2 ± 2.2 Gt¹ (metric gigatonnes) per year during the full 1975–2016 ...


The weight of CO2 produced is roughly the weight of fuel consumed multiplied by 44/12 (ratio mass of CO2 molecule to the carbon atom). The food will be delivered by a small helicopter, and the mass of the food is pretty small compared to that of the helicopter. A small helicopter might fly 1.5 km/l (

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