Cheese wax is made mostly of paraffin, which is petroleum-based, so it is not compostable.


What to do with waste products, if not feed them to animals? Organic (of or relating to an organism) waste products all compost and if you want everyone in the world to live on grains and vegetables then you want all the compost you can get. In fact, you want to start using some of the waste products that the west mostly does waste already (nightsoil). ...


Babybel wax is made of a blend of paraffin and microcrystalline waxes and colouring. This paper seems to say that paraffin waxes are biodegradable, but I only have access to the abstract: The wax components, n-and iso-alkanes with up to 50 carbon units were found to be rapidly and completely degraded within 28 days leaving only minute wax residues at the ...

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