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Can organic farming sustainably feed the world?

Sustainability & Production: Production: Needs examples of well performing methods & techniques utilizing organic farming methods There are tons of examples all over the place how Organic ...
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In what ways do GMOs harm or benefit the environment?

Yes, there are many concerns regarding the impact of GMOs on the environment. First, let us understand what a GMO is. This is when someone alters the genetic makeup of an organism by inserting genes ...
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Is there a sustainable agriculture certification that sees GMOs as potentially beneficial?

In the United States, food products labeled as “organic” are generally believed to be in compliance with the standards of the National Organic Program (NOP), a program of the USDA, which strictly ...
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Can organic farming sustainably feed the world?

I would say it could. This question has been here for quite long, so I'll try to answer it with my basic understanding of organic vs. "conventional" farming. Say Organic farming produces 25%...
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