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How can bath tissue be both "100% recycled" and "50% post-consumer recycled material"?

The other 50% is recovered process waste - material that has been processed and recycled before it was ever sold to the consumer. It’s all recycled, but originates from different phases of the product ...
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Is there any eco-friendly option for condom?

There is something called Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG, see Wikipedia page for more details) which is alternative to a condom which is 100% eco friendly. In short, it a one ...
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About the hygiene of my organic trash can/rubbish bin

Our system works differently (we're responsible for an outside container as well as the indoor one) but I clean it as little as possible. The inside one can be lined (unusually, we can use plastic ...
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Is there any eco-friendly option for condom?

There's another completely natural and sustainable and reusable alternative, although NOT vegan. Its the lambskin condom, made from lamb's intestines.
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About the hygiene of my organic trash can/rubbish bin

I accumulate compost in a small stainless steel bucket with a lid and a handle originally sold as an icebucket, though they gave up and now label it a compost bucket. I have had it for decades. We do ...
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What non-toxic products can I use to keep my kitchen counters clean and safe?

If you want commercial products check out Good Guide, they rank products based on ingredient hazards and larger environmental impact. They have an extremely large database and rank things from ...
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Sustainable diapers?

Look for the adult stuff... I read here they advise to use a booster pad or "diaper doubler". Maybe this is a solution for your case? Also they are talking about "long-lasting" diaper ...
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