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Should I replace existing inefficient light bulbs?

Sort of. Consider the pay back time. high efficiency lights are expensive. Expense is, at least in part, a measure of the resources used to make it.* Replacing the fixtures in the kitchen where the ...
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Can the production of herbal supplements (pills) be sustainable?

They definitely can be sustainable. The crops themselves can easily be grown in a sustainable manner. The plastic containers can be replaced with biodegradable containers, such as those made with ...
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Optimising crop yields without using fossil-fuel-manufactured fertiliser

Note: the plants need nitrogen (for protein synthesis), not necessarily ammonia. Ammonia however is only one source of nitrogen. So I'm using the general term nitrogen below: In practice this has ...
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Best options for decarbonising steel production?

What are the most promising alternatives, in terms of the economics and scalability, to decarbonise steel production? Both for the reduction of iron oxide to iron, and for the iron-to-steel process? ...
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