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Thanks to the above contributer they show me I am not alone in my quest to save the planet!!


It seems there's no answer for totally worn out leather shoes. I'm penalised for wearing the same shoes for 10 years. Recycling everything is draining all my energy! Surely there's a spiritual lesson to be learned here?


Since the original poster is in Vancouver, British Columbia, here is a response to this same question from the Recycling Council of British Columbia ( Summary: Rinse and remove grease soaked portions (garbage) before placing in the Blue Bin. That container you have is a tricky item to deal with. Since it is product packaging, it is ...


If the goal is sustainability and I can only choose one, I'd choose aluminum. Aluminum is relatively cost-effective to recycle and doesn't decompose on its own. Paper is middling efficient to recycle, and decomposes on its own — eventually. Plastic is relatively inefficient to recycle, and also doesn't decompose much on its own — which means we should avoid ...

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