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Environmentally friendly alternative to salt for de-icing walkways?

This is a question that many Departments of Transportation have struggled with as well! There are other chemicals that you can use, but all of them will have at least some impact on the environment. ...
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What is the most environmentally friendly way to paint/preserve wooden art or construction outdoors?

Our preferred solution here (on land and for seagoing wooden boats) is linseed oil based paints, or just plain (raw) linseed oil. The oil soaks in the wood and therefore prevent water to soak into it ...
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Is isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol considered Eco-friendly?

Saying that isopropyl alchohol is like acetone is kind of like saying that water is like carbonic acid. Water reacts with calcium carbonate (calcite), which makes up about 40% of our Earth's crust, ...
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Is isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol considered Eco-friendly?

I found this site that seems to have good credentials that lists Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethanol as being fairly low on the scale for toxicity. I also read both are biodegradable.
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What is the most environmentally friendly way to paint/preserve wooden art or construction outdoors?

In Europe in mediaeval times, the external woodwork of timbered houses was painted with bulls' blood (hence the traditional dark red colour). Apparently it had to be bulls' blood and not pig, for ...
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Baking Soda and Slugs

Ducks will eat slugs and produce duck eggs (hens), duck meat (hens and drakes), and high-nitrogen contributions (poop) to your compost pile or directly in your garden area.
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What non-toxic products can I use to keep my kitchen counters clean and safe?

If you want commercial products check out Good Guide, they rank products based on ingredient hazards and larger environmental impact. They have an extremely large database and rank things from ...
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