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What to do with expired food?

To add to Chris' answer, I'd say eat them after doing the usual look-, smell- and taste-checks. Above all, make sure the can hasn't been deeply dented, is rusty or is bulging; in those cases, don't ...
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What to do with expired food?

Eat them. Then look into what the different types of expiry date mean. Tins, dried pasta and many other foods have a best before date based on guesswork about quality. Most foods sold chilled and ...
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Environmentally friendly alternative to salt for de-icing walkways?

This is a question that many Departments of Transportation have struggled with as well! There are other chemicals that you can use, but all of them will have at least some impact on the environment. ...
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Dogs to protect housing against bears

I'm not aware of any dog that can go up against a brown bear and survive. Even wolves have trouble -- a brown bear can easily steal the kill from a small wolfpack. Your best option is probably a ...
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Is it possible to make a device, to stop dropouts, when switching between alternate sources?

I think you probably mean milliseconds, so I'm answering on that basis. The underying issue is that the two sources are almost certainly not synchronised. You can't get microsecond switching that way, ...
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Aerogel as home insulation?

There are already aerogels used in residents that are blankets and much more resilient than other legacy products available. They roll out easily and have none of the issues as fiberglass and other ...
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Grid tied inverters that work during power outages

I'd like to find a way to have my array work when I need it most! You'll need to invest in a home battery bank. These batteries are built to simulate grid-like conditions by providing a constant ...
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When/where is it feasible to use a solar cooker to boil water?

Just a matter of money; you can boil all the water you want with enough focusing solar collectors . There is an installation ( maybe more) in AZ (?) that melts metal with this method. Reliable,good ,...
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What to do with expired food?

More/less related How food producers calculate "best before" date?: eat it if it looks good - expiration date is just best wish of producer, food may be perfectly fine after expiration date.
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Aerogel as home insulation?

If cost was not an issue and you were simply doing it to remove dust then yes cost aside this particular panel although expensive http://www.buyaerogel.com/product/airloy-x103-large-panels/ The H ...
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