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Combustion of either propane or natural gas can create dangerous conditions for indoor air quality without adequate ventilation. Propane is a hydrocarbon that ideally consists of length-3 carbon chains (C3H8 also known as C3). However, cooking propane is never 100% pure, and contamination from soluble hydrocarbons from C10 up to C40 is likely. Natural gas is ...


Not all "range fans" blow the air out of the house. We discovered after decades that ours does not. It has filters and the air just comes out of the sides and right back into the kitchen. You might think that can't handle your situation, but we roast coffee under it and it works fine.


First, independently between wood and pellets, it depends how sustainably the wood you will use is farmed. Let's assume its farmed the same, so we rule this factor out - and France forest are among the most sustainably farmed I think Inconvenient of pellets: (little) amount of energy to drive the feeding mechanism mechanism can dysfunction another amount ...


Pellets are sustainable, typically made from poor feed-stock wood products. The heat produced is also evenly distributed, unlike a woodstove-high when fully loaded and lower as the fire extinguishes itself. I have been heating with pellets for 10 yrs in a cold climate-New England in the USA.

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