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Is it better to put something potentially unrecyclable in the recycling bin or to put something recyclable in the waste bin?

It may depend on your local rules, but here it's certainly better to put a recyclable thing in the bin than a non-recyclable thing in the recycling. That is, if your council doesn't have any sorting ...
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Who can you bank with for environmental sustainability?

There are many answers to this question, and this is the best resource I know of for providing a simple answer that is specific to where you live. This provides evaluations of many ...
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Alternatives to bottled water in the UK

There are jugs with filters. This happens to be a Brita.
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Alternatives to bottled water in the UK

I was looking at the website of South West Water, the company that supplies tap water for Devon, and they have a page on Tastes and smells where they say that ...often unusual tastes or odours ...
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Alternatives to bottled water in the UK

From a BBC article on 2018-01-25: Plastic bottles: Free water refill points rolled out to cut waste Shops, cafes and businesses will offer free water refill points in every major city and town in ...
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Solar PV panels - Worth the cost of more efficient panels?

The maximum rated power is not the only thing to consider. You should also look at how your panels are going to perform in low light conditions. Cloudy days, early mornings and late afternoons etc. ...
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Electric cars and grid power capacity

National Grid supplies the energy for the UK, and also manages the high voltage power transmission system. Each year, they prepare a Future Energy Scenarios report looking at energy needs across the ...
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How effective is a Smoke Control Area at reducing particulates? (UK)

Particulate is a very local issue, so it really, really depends on your local conditions. Particularly your ratio of greenery to urbanity. Downtown London, oh, you betcha - they've had smoke controls ...
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