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Does vegetarianism help in protecting nature?

Yes, being a vegetarian is more environmentally-friendly than otherwise This question has been asked and answered on Skeptics Stack Exchange, based on a claim by PETA to that point. Full details are ...
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Do the veggies you eat today have the same amount of vitamins and minerals as they used to twenty years ago?

Several news outlets and popular science publications have reported on this subject in the last few years. Often, the focus is not specifically on vitamins, but on nutrients in general (i.e. "...
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How many people could be fed using the land currently used to grow feed for livestock?

Your question seems to be specifically limited to grain fed to livestock, even though a great deal of the feed grown for livestock is not grain, and most livestock are not fed, let alone fed grain. It'...
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How can a purely vegan diet be the most sustainable?

What to do with waste products, if not feed them to animals? Organic (of or relating to an organism) waste products all compost and if you want everyone in the world to live on grains and vegetables ...
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Impact of vegetarianism on the meat industries

Both of Tim's points (re: negative population growth and elastic demand) are important points, but I don't think they're doing a good job of answering your question. Unlike people living in the 1980s, ...
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Impact of vegetarianism on the meat industries

Mass producers of the grain consumed in feedlots proudly assert that they are feeding the world, as if they want a medal for their efforts. This is an obvious consequence of cognitive dissonance. They ...
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Impact of vegetarianism on the meat industries

Someone has to suggest the obvious answer... for the record. Q: "is there an entirely different solution?" A: Don't have children. Earth's problem isn't solely and exclusively with what its Human ...
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If everyone were to be vegetarian, what would be the carrying capacity of the Earth?

The answer by Jean-Paul Calderone correctly specified how much population the food can support. I'm not focusing on that at all in my answer; I'm only focusing on energy. This answer, however, did ...
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5 Questions to indicate carbon impact

I suspect the public transport question doesn't give significant carbon variations, so I'd replace it with a different question. The research question itself will affect what you might ask. In the ...
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