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Is it more energy efficient to ventilate a home with an HRV/ERV or “shock-ventilation”?

The aim of intense ventilation ("stoßlüften") is to exchange air in a room efficiently. Generating a substantial draft ensures, ideally, that all corners of the room are ventilated. If you ...
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How can I vent smoke from a non-rangehood stove without losing too much hot air?

Not all "range fans" blow the air out of the house. We discovered after decades that ours does not. It has filters and the air just comes out of the sides and right back into the kitchen. You might ...
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What is an energy efficient way to get fresh air indoors during winter?

Simple Answer There is a simple answer that does not require significant modification to an existing residential or commercial building. This is the standard high efficiency HVAC answer to the ...
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Heat Recovery Ventilator HRV, metal vs paper core?

One expert colleague of mine had heard of this in the past. Once. So it's not unknown. Another thought that it might not be that uncommon, but that it wouldn't be wise to buy one that hadn't passed a ...
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Is it more energy efficient to ventilate a home with an HRV/ERV or “shock-ventilation”?

The big questions of ventilation are: How much air is exchanged How much heat (or coldness) is recovered from the exhaust air A perfect ventilation system for homes would have at least 0.5 air ...
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Mechanical damper built in to vent fan?

My high efficiency water heater has an electric damper. Conventional butterfly plate. The unit had a separate data sheet, so it wasn't part of the furnace itself. Try HVAC stores. Explain the ...
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