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I live in Bulgaria where water is also generally safe to drink. However, the quality varies and sometimes a lot of chlorine is added to it. Also, there are areas here that go without tap-water some parts of the year. Luckily, there are many springs here so it's usually possible to find reasonably good water. Still, because water is such an essential part ...


I was looking into this question for a project at work and found some research studies addressing water savings from automated faucets. Automated faucets result in increased water and energy usage, based on several real-world studies Increased water usage Hills, Birks, and McKenzie, 2002. "The Millennium Dome 'Watercycle' experiment: to evaluate water ...


One option that would allow you to forgo filter disposal altogether, as well as provide you with purified water, would be to use a water distillation unit. These are available in benchtop models such as this example

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