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Check the TRM for recent, state-specific data Illinois (and probably other states) now requires energy efficiency programs to estimate the energy impact of water supply and discharge -- in Illinois, the value is 0.68 watt-hours per liter (footnote 122 of the Illinois Technical Reference manual). The TRM of the state you're interested in would probably ...


Available data indicates that; 1) electricity usage for water pumping at homes is minimal; and 2) most municipal water systems provide more pressure than required for residential uses Is it common for people on city water in the US to have their own on-site pumping as part of the "standard" delivery system? The U.S. Energy Information Agency's 2015 ...


I can provide an answer for the first part of the question: No new water diversions out of the Great Lakes region are allowed. Great Lakes water agreement The 2005 Great Lakes–Saint Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement prohibits diversion of water from the Great Lakes outside of the Great Lakes Basin: The compact is an agreement ...


Yes. This would be absolutely fine for plants. It would be almost pure water - not dissimilar to distilled water.

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