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I am programmer with over 3 years of experience in MS-Access Development and Support.

I cut my teeth on a full blown accounting software package with front and back ends in Access. This taught me how to follow and read code to determine the intent of the original programmer. I also learned to be persistent and optimistic about problem solving.

The back end of this accounting package was rewritten to a SQL Server back end by the senior dev on our team and the reporting was moved to Crystal Reports which was mostly done by myself. Recently I wrote a Crystal Reports Addin for MS-Access so that we can continue to use the latest Crystal Reports.

I have also done development work on other smaller projects by adding value as requested by the customer. I am not afraid to work with code that has been written by other programmers.

Stack Overflow has been a good environment for me to sharpen my skills as a programmer and learn about best practices. I enjoy finding a simple and practical solution for complex problems.

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