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What is the most sustainable house insulation suitable for a cold climate?
20 votes

This is a deceptively simple question. Most of the complications come from your interpretation of sustainable. Let me give you a quick summary and explain why it isn't enough: Fiberglass insulation ...

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Which refrigerant is used in today's refrigerators and how harmful is it?
16 votes

Environmental: "Modelling indicates insignificant ozone depletion potential, a significant global warming potential, and negligible acidification potential." reference One gram of R-134a has the ...

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What's the purpose of the air pockets in mud building?
Accepted answer
14 votes

My understanding is that it is an easy, cheap and pretty way to let light in. It avoids the trouble of putting in a larger square window with a frame and trim and everything. It also can be done ...

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Reusable vs. disposable diapers: which is better?
Accepted answer
11 votes

I have heard that disposables use less energy than reusables if you also use hot water and they dryer. But it seems that many experts disagree. Most of the energy that goes into reusable diapers is ...

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How can I find information on Ecovillages?
11 votes has a great directory of Intentional Communities with a decent search tool. I find it to be quite comprehensive, though sometimes too comprehensive. Not all Intentional Communities are Eco-...

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Sustainable Roofing Materials
Accepted answer
7 votes

I understand that this isn't a link to a complete reference, but it is a general list that might get you or others started. The primary sustainable roofing systems I am aware of are: Metal - These ...

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What can a smart thermostats and meters tell me about how to reduce my home energy consumption?
6 votes

A Smart Meter that is compatible with PlotWatt will be able to tell your step-dad exactly how much each appliance in the house is using. Even without PlotWatt, a smart meter like the TED 5000 can be ...

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Indoor Urban Garden Lighting
5 votes

Both LED and flourescents can produce 'ideal' lighting conditions for plants. LED Lights are the most efficient measured in lumens per watt, and also in terms of material waste, since they last ...

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Shall I boil water with a water boiler (cooker) or with a pot?
4 votes

A water boiler or hot water tap are the most efficient ways to heat up water since they are insulated, keeping all of the heat in the container and water (and not the air). I would say that your best ...

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How many children can I sustainably bring to this world?
1 votes

You can only ever get a 1st order approximation to this question, which is something like the average pollution/person in your country. You can get vastly different answers depending on how you ...

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