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What is the most sustainable way to dispose of shoes?
17 votes

One idea is to repurpose/upcycle them as planters. I saw this one at a street fair in Jerusalem last week. The artisan manning the table said that it requires only one change - drill or cut a hole ...

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Better to get a kombucha Mother from friend or buy from a catalogue?
5 votes

If you have a friend who has a scoby, get it from them. There's really no need to get one from a store. Kombucha mothers and starters are fairly robust, and do a good job of fighting off fungus and ...

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Getting rid of label glue
4 votes

I just realized that direct heating with a flame does a pretty good job. Boiling water wasn't enough, but heating with a flame seems to do the trick. After heating, wiping with a rag takes the glue ...

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