Over 10 years experience in the IT industry working in a variety of areas.

I started my career working in small business where I focused on developing an in house survey platform for measuring employee engagement using the Open Organisations framework. I was responsible for developing the solution as well as its maintenance and support. I very much learnt what it was to be in the customers shoes and capture what it is that customers actually need in a product. After many years of working in small business decided to focus move to enterprise where I have spent the last 4 years working on a number of projects particularly at Sensis.

I have primarily worked on Java applications and have extensive knowledge in Java frameworks including Java EE, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, and view frameworks JSF, JSP.

Focus Areas:

  • Java - Spring/JPA/Hibernate/JSP/JSF/Primefaces/Tomcat/Glassfish
  • Amazon - EC2/RDS/S3/Redshift/EMR/Elastic beanstalk
  • Big Data - Apache Spark/Hadoop
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